Changeling (Mantibab Subtype)

The "were" section

Previously ambiguously a part of "Halloween babs", name is subject to change

The types of babs who have gained a second form, a "true" form, through some magical means or through some sort of not so divine intervention;;;;;.
Demonic Pact: A devilish pact that allows the use of more.. conventionally fiendish traits Available traits:
  • Whip tails with a spade at the end
  • infernal eyes
  • tiny devil wings
  • infernal smog
Wicked Pact:
  • glowing mystical swirls and runes
  • crow feathers can grow along the body, head, or limbs
  • mystic smoke/aura
Pact of the Moon:
  • monstrous were form
  • moonlit eyes
  • glowing markings, glowing eyes
  • fangs
  • Whip tails with a spade at the end

Miasmic (Mantibab Subtype)

Previously "Dull" Mantibabs

Allows for the addition of greys and muted tones to your black, darker colors, gradients to darker tips. 

Rare ability: Miasmic overdrive: A monstrous version of this bab from too long an exposure to the miasma without dying.

Available traits:

  • Dark sclera
  • Body horns
  • hairless patches
  • dark or grey  accents

Unique traits:

  • Plagued breath 
  • Creeping Horns, cage horns
  • horn protrusions
  • full grey pelt

Raised (Mantibab Subtype)

Mantibabs that are said to bring death and destruction wherever they may go. A terrible omen to come across one of these beasts. Called revenants due to their ties to death, although the rumors may not be too far off.

A bab whose life had ended at one point, and through magical, alchemical, or ungoldly means has come back.

Previously ambiguously considered  part of the "Halloween babs"

Special Ability: False Life

Raised babs have a form that looks normal, a magical illusion to better hide their ailments. These forms are vibrant, and most often look like what they used to when they were alive.   

Raised Mantibabs range from mild to extreme, with at least 1 of the unique traits to indicate that they are a part of that cast. Black coats are the most common of these tells, with the more monstrous features being seldom seen, at least for the living.

Common traits:

  • Glowing eyes
  • Carved/cracked horns
  • Dark gradients
  • two-tone horns

Unique traits:

  • black coats, dark accents
  • spiked/bone tails
  • bones jutting out of body/exposed
  • black ooze trailing from hair/fur
  • exposed heart/chest/ribcage
  • Ghostly wounds : Grevious injuries harden and crystallize, often growing outwards into spiky, phantasmal protrusions
  • death wound: a feature of their body that is wounded,  arrows, spears, swords, blood seeping from their mouths, wounds, etc.
  • "Phantom Limbs" : The missing extremities of the living form return in a ghostly visage. They can feel, they can move, they act as they did when this bab was alive.
  • Phantom Body :  This creature can partially phase through solid objects. Parts of their body will wisp away from time to time, giving them a shadowy look.
  • Floating bone shards/horns
  • Rites of Rememberance: ceremonial flowers where their bodies laid to rest. The flowers came back with them, and continue to grow from their bodies. A reminder that they did in fact once die.

Communed (Mantibab Subtype)

Mantibabs that are said to have conversed, and subsequently been gifted with a divine soul. Thought to bring good luck and are revered for their splendid existance.

A bab is rarely born Communed, and when that happens, celebration spreads.

Previously considered "blessed babs"

Special Ability: ...



Common traits:

  • Glowing eyes
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Unique traits:

  • pale, pastel coats
  • fragmented markings
  • glowing horns

Fabled (Mantibab Subtype)

Wrathful (Mantibab Subtype)

Jeweled (Mantibab Subtype)

Feyblood (Mantibab Subtype)

Heraldic (Mantibab Subtype)

Ancient (Mantibab Subtype)

Babling (Mantibab Subtype)

also known as baby babs! These little creatures are full of life and curiosity and usually need to be wrangled lest they go off on dangerous adventures all on their own! 

Bablings need to be grown in order to be used in alignment and path prompts! 

Kirivinal (Kanti Subtype)

Gladecall (Kanti Subtype)

Changeling (Kanti Subtype)

Miasmic (Kanti Subtype)

Revenant (Kanti Subtype)

Fabled (Kanti Subtype)

Wrathful (Kanti Subtype)

Jeweled (Kanti Subtype)

Feyblood (Kanti Subtype)

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