Changeling (Mantibab Subtype)

The "were" section

Previously ambiguously a part of "Halloween babs", name is subject to change

The types of babs who have gained a second form, a "true" form, through some magical means or through some sort of not so divine intervention;;;;;.
Demonic Pact: A devilish pact that allows the use of more.. conventionally fiendish traits Available traits:
  • Whip tails with a spade at the end
  • infernal eyes
  • tiny devil wings
  • infernal smog
Wicked Pact:
  • glowing mystical swirls and runes
  • crow feathers can grow along the body, head, or limbs
  • mystic smoke/aura
Pact of the Moon:
  • monstrous were form
  • moonlit eyes
  • glowing markings, glowing eyes
  • fangs
  • Whip tails with a spade at the end

Changeling (Kanti Subtype)

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