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June Updates 2024

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🌈🌈🌈 Florabell Faire-well 🌈🌈🌈

The Florabell Faire has come to a close—the tents are folded back up, vendors cart their goods back to their shops and the residents of Lothain go back to their daily lives. The days grow longer and warmer, calling in the start of Summer. The coming of another season brings new opportunities and new activities to do, keeping life busy for many. There are still happy times to come—times to celebrate and times for relaxation.

You feel fulfilled no matter what you choose to do now that spring has ended! The festivities brightened your mood to keep looking forward to the future! Ah, but there's one more thing lingering...

The jousting tournament came to an end just as the Faire has, which means there is a winner to be announced! Many fought hard, showing off their showmanship and strength. The crowd roared with enthusiasm, filling the stadiums to watch all who were willing to participate. Now it is time to reward the champion of this year's jousting tournament! This year's winner is...

🎉🎉🎉 Faunawhimsy 🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations! Ellias has earned you your choice of any spring seasonal trait, courtesy of the Faire. Staff will be contacting you shortly to hand out your prize!


🌈🌈🌈 Mini-Event: Season of pride 🌈🌈🌈

We are already midway into the month of June and a rich bloom of color has flooded across the land of Crederia. Crederians from all walks of life are already out celebrating in full swing, arms linked and dancing through the streets, flowers tucked behind locks of vibrant hair and fur painted with swirls of color. Striped flags flutter in the wind as whistles are blown, colorful powders thrown and more bursts of cheer erupt amongst the music.

We will be celebrating the month of June with more prismatic festivities so get ready to be loud and proud.


In this month full of vibrant cheer, we are proud to be celebrating Pride alongside the Crederia community. We are launching a Pride mini-event for the remainder of June through to July 31st and have a bunch of exciting and colorful prompts lined up for you to participate in and get absolutely loud with!

[Click here to be taken to the event page!]

By participating and completing all prompts you can submit them as a set to get a randomized bonus item! The page will include all the details 👌


It looks like we're missing yellow! Worry not, they'll be added in the near future ☀️
Additionally, the Crederians you see in this news header are part of the new emojis debuting in the discord after this news post is unveiled! You can find them under BabPride, SCPride, LeloPride, PawbPride, Kantipride, and RooPride! 🌈🌈🌈

🌈 Welcome the Crederia team! 🌈

After sifting through a hearty number of applications from community members new and old, we have selected a handful to join the Crederia staff.
Thank you all so, so much for the passion you brought, if we could’ve chosen everyone, we would have!
We are proud to introduce our newest members of the team so please warmly welcome:

Please welcome:

🌐 Discord Moderator

🌐 Discord Moderator
🌐 Discord,
📜 Management,
✍️ Writing
🌐 Discord,
✍️ Writing
📜 Management
🔌 Coding,
✍️ Writing
📚 Project Manager


Of course, all of our new helpers are joining Lieu , our senior staff member who has been helping us run the show for a very long time now!

With the help from our new mods, we are excited to take the next steps to reach new heights with the site and focus on areas we could not as easily before.
As the new staff settle in and learn the ropes, the road may be bumpy, so please bear with us in the meantime. But once everyone is fully incorporated we should see steady improvements in site activity and management.
Please keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s to come!

✦Trait Updates  |

Thanks to his patrons, Phloxe had the opportunity to focus on developing Leloko traits! New coat, marking, tail, and flower traits have been added to the site for the Uncommon and Rare tiers! There's a few more we couldn't fit into the post to keep it a little shorter so peruse the visual trait list to see them all!

The focus landed mostly on tails tails tails! With there being 16 new varieties split between uncommon and rare. A few with leafy and floral additions, as well as some strange split tails that leave you seeing double! An older trait has also found its way on-site: Color Shift! Give your leloko a completely different color palette that you control the shift conditions for. Many of the older Lelokos originally came with two palettes as a staple of the species and will be receiving the trait automatically. 

Anyone hoping to swap out traits on existing Leloko or even create their own MYO now has a bigger roster to choose from. We hope that the new visuals will help with ideas and are excited to see what you guys do with them!

✦Auction time!  | Cherry Falconer 🌸

The cherry blossoms have since begun to fade as Summer announces its arrival. From the scattering petals, a small bird shoots through, twirling and coming to a stop as they land on the arm of a beautiful Crederian. Cherry Falconer is a collaboration between Lieu and Phloxe and is available as soon as you see this post!

[Check them out here!]

This unique auction is for a stunning Mantibab design that comes with not only a Mantibab form but a humanoid form as well. Lieu designed the humanoid form of the bab for Phloxe to then take inspiration and color from to create the quadruped design. This resulted in a fun and beautiful collaboration that brings the best of both worlds and is a real treat for the eyes. And it looks like this fellow has also brought their own Quetz!

We really hope you enjoy this design and are as excited as we are!

✦Patreon Shop  |

As many of you may have noticed in recent months a new form of currency has made its way to Crederia.

Solune%20Essence_resize.png Solune%20Essence_resize.png Solune%20Essence_resize.png

Solune Essence is a unique currency that can be obtained as a monthly reward for users signed up for Phloxe’s Patreon.

This unique currency can be spent in the Patreon Shop which is nestled away in a currently hidden city called Sage Point. The owner of this shop is a wealthy benefactor who seeks Solune Essence in exchange for her treasures~

[You Can See it Here]

These treasures range from speciality items, seasonal and upper tier traits as well as 1 MYO slot of each currently available species. Seasonal and trait specific items will randomly rotate with the seasons, but general trait vials and MYO slots will remain a constant! If you'd like to support the site and vote on the monthly focus consider joining! You're the reason for all the trait and general updates to come ❤️

The shop will permanently settle into the marketplace alongside the rest of our main shops!


Art: Phloxe
Writing: Burr, Fal, Gothy, Phloxe 

🌷 May Updates 2024 🌷

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✦🌷 Updates 🌷

Hello all! Quick update after some deliberation.
Regarding the Creation of Blooms prompt,➡️ [Found Here]

Previously indicated that the prompt may only be completed once per character, and as per general prompt rules you were only allowed to use your own crederians to enter. We've made an adjustment to allow more entry opportunities for this prompt, and that is to also allow entries based on our Crederia NPCs!

Please check the prompt in question, scroll down to "Things To Know", and click on the link of available NPCs to see the eligible characters for this prompt.

For now, we ask that you not use the NPCs on any prompts that do not specifically state that they may be used, so keep an eye out for future prompts! Chances are if we do any more once-per-character prompts, the NPCs will be available for your interpretation. Thanks for reading!

✦item UPDATES |
  • Uncommon Trait Swap and Rare Trait Swap have had their descriptions updated to include usage and limitations! The biggest detail is not allowing the swap of eye traits for anything other than other eye traits. 
  • Fixed the Coat Shift Spell description where it incorrectly listed 30% change instead of 35%. 


✦🌼 May Raffle 🌼

As the festivities continue in full force, it's easy to disregard the festival goers that trickle in and out of the gates. Lelokos were brought in droves by kind volunteers, checked off one by one by the guards manning the Hohol forest entrance. The guards were excited to make their way to the festival themselves, and so after packing up their encampment and waiting just a bit longer to see if any Lelokos walked out of the forest last minute, they were off! It wasn't their fault that the last straggler was still snoozing at the edge of the forest... 

[Find the Prompt Here!]

Additional Prizes


x1 Cinnaswirl Bun
x1 Everblooming Sakura Sprig
x1 Floral Mark Markings


A pair of spring traits have been added to the roster! Floral Marks and Ivy Trails are both plant based markings that will add that planty pop to your Crederian's coat! Lelokos and Skullcrackers cannot apply the Ivy Trails trait due to having those markings allowed commonly! Floral Marks are not currently available through any existing item, but are a reward for this month's raffle in the meantime!





Art & Writing: Phloxe and Burr

Event: Florabell Faire [Part 2]

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🌼April Events 🌼

✦ Updates🌼

Time moves on and spring is in full swing~ The blooms have grown full and vibrant, and the crisp spring air leaves you feeling refreshed. The Florabell Faire is upon us, and with it, new updates!

✦ The Florabell Faire


The time has come for the fairgrounds to open. The everblooming tree stands full and tall, soft blossoms and petals raining down on the newly arriving guests as they make their way through. The lelokos are delivered and set at the table, warming under the sun as the scents of various foods waft into their sleepy noses. 

Each section of the prompt has a dropdown for each section, be sure to click through so see all the faire has to offer! You will find:

The Feast is for all food lovers out there, or for any hungry leloko who's made the long trek and is ready to stuff themselves. 
The Games offer variety for the lax or the competitive, with each game able to vary difficulty to be accessible for all ages and capabilities. 
The Joust is the main feature of the faire, a highly competitive sport overseen by judges and royals alike! The winner gets a special prize~

[Click to be taken to Part 2 Here]


In order to participate in part 2, you'll have to have participated in [part 1]!

✦Seasonal Shop |

An extra stall has been found within the fairgrounds, a bit off to the side away from the hustle and bustle. You think you turned the wrong corner back there and move to turn before you see the paw beckoining you from the shadows of the stall. A stange Crederian greets you...

Our seasonal shop is open! This travelling merchant is odd and appears to be completely neutral about having so many high end magical items, but if you don't question it you'll be fine~ The shop contains all of the spring trait items available at the moment alongside all of the Valentines traits of last season due to the seasonal shop not being available then. A small fee is added for "out of season" traits. Magia Fragments can be earned from Event, Seasonal, and Quest prompts! Certain other items may find their way in there later in the month. 

The shop closes May 31st 11:59PM PST. Click the shield below to be taken directly to it!




✦ Patreon

As we wind towards the end of spring, and the Faire is in full swing, there is still much to do. This site continues to be filled with info, items, traits, and will soon have lore placed properly amongst its pages. There are extensions to add, code to fiddle with, pages to write up, traits to finish, items to refine, and art to draw! My priority continues to be asset work, and as i've poured hours into creating every asset on site thus far and still working towards filling the rest, I realize that time is still something I'm fighting. If you would like to support the site and allow me more time to devote to it, and perhaps help decide what I work on next, then I humbly invite you to:

[The Crederia Patreon!] 


Things are still being figured out, but anything and everything that is subject to change will be talked about beforehand. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the incentives! The first MYO sale will have 5 slots and will take place during the final week of april. The slots will be announced beforehand with info before being put up for sale.

Solune Essence 

4-icon.png 4-icon.png 4-icon.png

"A special currency formed from energy drawn from the celestial bodies themselves. This fragile essence is sought after by a select few who are willing to trade rare goods to obtain it."

To say thanks to those who choose to patron, a special currency is being developed that will allow you to purchase various specialty items in their own unique shop, which is still in development. If you are interested in this currency exclusively, I recommend waiting for the shop to roll around before making the decision to become a patron!


The Florabell Faire has been a tremedously exciting event for me to depict! I didn't get the chance to finish everything before april rushed on by and I couldn't hold off on uploading this any longer. Be on the lookout for more news once may rolls around, and thanks for accompanying me! Hope you enjoy the Faire!

Art & Writing: Phloxe

Event: The Florabell Faire [Part One]

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🌼March Events 🌼

✦ Updates🌼

Hello Spring! The snow has melted and the trees are shaking dry their branches and reaching for the sun. The crisp air brings with it knowledge that soon, the flowers will be back in bloom and Lelokos will be much more active!

✦ Starting map

Crederia is composed of three major landmasses, with the location of two having been lost after the world calamities arrived. Since then, contact has been cut with all but our main setting, aptly called... The First Continent
The map of The First Continent is large, and to begin the unveiling we're starting with the centermost portion, the Kingdom of Lothain, where a myriad of towns and their inhabitants can be found. Take a walk through the fields, encounter beasts, meet friend and foe, and adventure! More updates (and visuals) are soon to follow, but if you'd like to peruse the town info have a [read over here!] Lothain is where Spring's event takes place, surrounding a small fairground called Lere. Preparations must be made to welcome in the spring, the blooms, the Lelokos, and...

✦ The Florabell Faire

The snow has melted, spring has arrived, and the lack of Lelokos is about to be changed in an overwhelmingly large but slow way. You hear the resounding horns of Crederians delivering special mail, usually reserved for Big events. The horns pass by and after a few moments more you head over and open the door. A flyer is folded neatly on your doorstep. The Florabell Faire preparations are underway to welcome the Lelokos out of hibernation, and to celebrate the reappearance of the flowers that have been slumbering during the winter months. The kingdom is offering pay and free entry to the festival for anyone willing to volunteer their time helping set up. Games, Merriment, Challenges! Excitement courses through you, and before you get too restless you read through what sort of jobs are available...

 [Read the Event Page Here!] 

This will be a two part event, with the opportunity for bonus coins, or a bonus item! Some items will only be available during part 2!


✦Spring prompts |

Our seasonal prompts have returned with a little extra flavor! You can click on any of the titles below or go directly to the seasonal prompt page [here] Seasonal prompts reward an extra (randomized) coin amount for participating!

🌼Creation of Blooms: 
  • The flowers are back! Design a flower or plant based on your crederian!
🌼Morning Dew: 
  • Depict your crederian enjoying a misty morning, The morning is soft and chilly, and you're gonna enjoy it. 
🌼Spring Cleaning: 
  • It's time to clean your (crederian's) home! And to figure out what it looks like! Do they live in a house? a mansion? a den? a cave? a... dungeon? 


  • Spring traits have rolled out! Some got visual updates and others are completely new! (if you don't see some you think are missing don't worry! they exist but didn't get an update) Take a look, which one's your favorite? If you hope to snag one up check out the event prompt! 


✦New items! |

Spring brings... items! The Florabell Faire is host to many delicious treats, with a select few being filled with a bit of extra magic that may unlock something special! For the time being, Part 1 will have a chance of nabbing a bottle of Carahoria Juice! Click through for additional info! (Some icons are temporary and will be updated in the future)



February's Raffle ends on March 3rd, at 11:59 PM PST, so get those last minute entries in! You can find the raffle [over here]



This has been a long time coming! The map gave the biggest issues with things needing to be juuust right, and eventually being quite large;;;; Maybe too large to roll out all at once, so enjoy learning about the world you inhabit! Things will be developing a lot this year, and i'm really excited for it! There's a lot I want to do for crederia, but I'm one guy, so i appreciate the patience as things go slowly! Maybe this year is the year I bring on more staff! (thank you burr and lieu!)

Art & Writing: Phloxe

🌼 March 2024 Raffle 🌼

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✦🌼 March Raffle 🌼

As the Lelokos wake up from their hibernation, none are quite prepared to welcome this early riser. Leloko-043 has beat everyone to the punch and is in search of some food (and a new home)! March's Raffle brings back another old Leloko who's been given a refresh!

How to enter? 

Draw any fullbody piece of gift art for another user! [You can enter here!]

Deadline: April 3rd, 11:59pm PST
CREDERIAN | Leloko-043
Additional Prizes

x1 Bottle of Carahoria Juice
x1 Honey Jelly Egg Bite
x1 Rare Trait Vial



Art & Writing: Phloxe

February 2024

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❤️Season of.. Love? ❤️

✦ Updates❤️

Hello! This update is a bit short, we're still trucking along and taking it easy this month, but I couldn't leave you without a new raffle! This month we have new traits to share as well, something lovely and themed for the month. ❤️

✦ Feb raffle

A stylish creature briskly makes their way down the cobblestone streets. Their vibrant coat and carefully styled locks catches the sun just right, enough to dazzle the few others sharing their road. February brings in pink! 

How to enter? 

Participate in the Raffle prompt! Like all our raffles you may earn 2 tickets max. You can find the prompt [Here]

Deadline: March 3rd, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Faltering Love Potion


Additional Prizes


x2  Valentine Trait of your choice!
x1 Rare trait vial


The air is crisp and cool, Crederians can be found quietly going among their business in perparation for the spring festivities to come. Amidst the calm of the town, hushed bashful whispers can be heard from passing Crederian's. The season of love is upon us, and many look forward to spending it with their beloveds. A few new and old traits have made their way here! You may recognize some of these from existing valentine designs, but we welcome in several new ones as well! If you're interested in snagging one make your way over to this month's raffle!


✦ Final words

Happy to have most of the valentine traits out and ready! They were a bit of a doozy and some extra examples will find their way in there soon! They'll find their way into a shop sometime this year, it may be out of season but we're still neck deep in filling in missing pages! 

Art & Writing: Phloxe

Winter Greetings

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❄️Winter Greetings ❄️

✦ Updates❄️

Happy Winter! The holidays are coming to an end and Crederia has fallen into a calm slumber. We're taking a break and preparing for our next event in the spring in order to catch up with updating missing pages, artwork, descriptions, and the like. Here's to a new year chock full of great opportunities!

✦ The King's Farewell

The Autumn King has had his fill of attention, awe, fear, and all around entertainment, and has decided it's about time he take his leave. It's not because a certain winter being has demanded he stop keeping Crederia in Autumn when winter was due a month ago. It's no matter, there is always next year to open his doors once agian to the public. He knows you had a wonderful time because he had a wonderful time. Who wouldn't be happy to come back next year and deliver even more gifts to him? 

As you exit his home, a few scenarios are possible. Some are dropped out of the red door seemingly moments after they'd left, a hot cup of tea left behind just barely beginning to cool. Others have paradoxically been dropped up to a week in the past and should be sure not to engage their time doubles, but otherwise are left to enjoy their week as it would have been without the Autumn King's invitation.  The unluckiest few may have walked out of those doors, no matter if they walked out with a friend or partner, and found themselves stepping into an empty snowscape. A month has come and gone, and now some are having to explain to loved ones that no they weren't exactly taken against their will...

That is where we find ourselves now. Noel has arrived and partaken in the feast... or should I say feasts! Celebrations were had in each town and kingdom as they began their yearly journey bringing good fortune and hand crafted toys to all the young crederians (and many of the older ones too). 

It seemed to have passed faster than anyone thought possible, and the more brazen Crederians blamed The Autumn King for dragging his paws before ending the fall season (though no one dared utter it out loud). Noel bid farewell while all of Crederia slept, reciting an old story that was carried on the wind and into the dreams of many. 

"We begin our tale with a Prince(ss) who fell in love with a star in the sky...
"...spent years speaking loving words to the twinkling creature, reciting poetry, reading books, playing music, anything that would reach their ears...
"The illness came quick, and there was very little any of the Monarch's medics or magicians could do for the poor Prince(ss).
"...and as they laid in that dark room they uttered one final plea, 'My dying to see you one more time...' and you would not believe how powerful the magic in that one wish was. The star began to fall, faster and faster to reach their beloved's bedside before it was too late... 
"And as the star gazed upon the Prince(ss) whose coat was growing darker by the second, they begged whatever deity granted them life to take it back and give it to their love instead.
"Ah, do not fret, this is not a tragic tale. The deity was moved by the pleas of both babs, and did as they were asked. They wrenched the star's near immortal life and split it in two. The Prince(ss) lived once more, although their coat retained the dark fur that nearly overtook them. Even now, if you walk through the woods on a calm snowy evening, you can hear laughter from the two individuals who were granted eternal love."

A soft story of a mantibab who fell in love with a star. A star who loved in return and through this mutual desire managed to turn corporeal, and then... mortal.

Noel loves to tell tales, and for all we know these mantibabs never existed as they say they did. Who's to say? You are, actually. The flavor text above can be just that! 
[Click here to be taken to the auction!]

✦ Winter raffle

A small, fluffy leloko trudges out from a puff of snow that's fallen on it. Unlike it's fellow Lelokos who have begun their hibernation, this one is particularly suited to the winter climate, comfortable and warm as they spend their days as normally as any other crederian.

How to enter? 

Participate in the Raffle prompt! Like all our raffles you may earn 2 tickets max. You can find the prompt [Here]

Deadline: January  31st, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Under the MISTLETOE


Additional Prizes

x1 Winter Trait of your choice
x2 Rare Trait Vial

If we reach 50 participants another winter trait of choice will be added!


Winter has blanketed crederia and delivered a few special traits thanks to the pair of mantibabs above~ Magical winter blooms, velvet covered antlers, and twinkling winter stars are here. More traits are sure to follow. If you're interested in snagging one be sure to take part in January's raffle!




✦ Final words

November and December have been incredibly exciting, I missed much of the latter due to being incredibly sick, but we are back and raring to make spring a fun event! Thank you to all who gifted the king, and who participarted in the bounty of autumn with us. We hope it was fun getting snippets of the world! More is soon to come as soon as some final prep is done!

Art & Writing: Phloxe
Additional Writing: Burr

Fall Happenings | Updates

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🎃(End Of) OCtober news 🎃

✦ Updates🎃

Happy October! Halloween is right around the corner and to beat it to the punch we're here with a bunch of news! While october is leaving us by, more fall updates are to come, so lets get on with it!

✦ October raffle

A Mantibab stumbles into view, tripping over just about every obstacle in their way. Perhaps it's because their hair is covering their eyes, but they won't tell~

Additional info can be found [Here]

How to enter? 

Participate in any Autumn Prompt or Draw gift art for another user! Each prompt will earn you 1 entry into the raffle.

If drawing gift art for another user you may earn up to 2 entries max like normal. If you would like additional entries, you may participate in any Autumn Prompt for upwards of 2 additional entries.


For this raffle, each winner rolled will have their choice of reward starting from the first winner, until no prizes are left.

Deadline: December 15th, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Frightful jubilee


Additional Prizes


x1 Star Drops
x1 Coat Shift or Uncommon Trait Vial
x2 Rare Trait Vials
x1 Rare Alignment Grimoire
x1??? Unlocked if we reach 50 entries
x1??? Unlocked if we reach 100 entries


🎃 Click here to be taken to the sale page on DA! 🎃

Joyful has made their way back from wherever they go each autumn's end, and they've come back with another adopt gacha!
"A sack of clearly magical origin is dropped in front of you. It shakes and howls viciously, held together by a simple red cord. Would you like to reach a hand in? They don't bite~ Maybe you'll come out with a new friend! Is it safe? Your very special friend Joyful would never put you in any sort of danger!" 

  • Each roll is $250 via paypal
  • 2 rolls per person for the first 24 hours, after which the limitation will be lifted.
  • Each pull, upon rolling, will result in a single randomly selected design 
  • All designs have an equal chance of being pulled.
  • There are 15 designs by Phloxe, Burr, Lieu, and special guest designer Bakehebi! 
  • Designs include: 4 Mantibabs, 4 Kanti, 2 Leloko, 2 Skullcrackers, and 3 Pawbirds.
  • A Gacha Swap channel will be temporarily available in the discord for those who would like to swap their designs!

  • Mantibabs, Kanti, Skullcracker, Leloko, and Pawbirds have revealed all their common traits, which should be available  through their individual visual trait indexes. Just follow these steps for the species you want to browse through and you'll find 'em! (note: most traits will also have a written description if you click on them with additional information and rules, so be sure to click through and see what they're all about!) Additional info, traits, updates to existing traits, and more will be rolling out through fall, but for now! enjoy!


  • An incomplete amount of new and old uncommon and rare traits are available for certain traits across the available five species, with more to be uploaded these upcoming next months. Here are a few of them!



The Astrael Guild Hall has opened it's doors once more to the public, known simply as the meeting point for all adventurers new and experienced. They take pride in the care they offer, whether medical or clerical. They are organized and prepared for any rambunctious group that decides they're ready for Adventure! They're still recovering from a terrible ordeal where some newbies got into the artifact room and blew up more than a few sections of the guild hall, unleashing an untold evil that we really hope won't come back to bite us in the butt........ ahem. Enough of that,  our lost records and innumerable losses aside, we're dedicated to staying open so you're not left out in the cold! If this is your first time experiencing any of this please be sure to pick up your gift box! It'll have a little something to get you started around here.

  • The FTO Baby MYO Gift Box has arrived! If you do not own a crederian be sure to pick this up! It will contain ONE RANDOM BABY MYO that will be rolled upon opening the box! Only one is available per FTO account and cannot be gifted, traded, or sold! 
  • Upon recieving your MYO, be sure to head on over to the species tab to look through your available choices: Mantibab, Kanti, Skullcracker, Leloko, and Pawbird.
  • If you have any questions about building your MYO, please make your way here, or send a message in the discord!
✦New items! |

Mostly editing items gaining their shiny new appearances, with a special bottle of star drops teetering on the end of the shelf! Click through for additional info.



The editing guide (Glamour's Salon)  has been updated and made available, detailing the specific rules and allowances for all Crederian species with additional specifics for the Mantibab species. The rest of the available species follow the same general rules, but do not have the same color rules that Mantibabs do. Additions will be made to the guide in the upcoming months, but it gives a run down of the editing items in Prie's Goods and what they do when applied.


✦ Final words

This year did not bring a series of large individual adopts, but that's what next year is for! I hope you enjoy the gacha and it's goodies, and have a wonderful Halloween here in a few days. As always, I'm excited for what the future brings, and for now I hope these goodies are sweet enough to keep you from playing  too many tricks! 🎃🎃🎃 (time. to rest. my hands.)

Art & Writing: Phloxe
Additional Writing: Burr

Autumn King's Tidings [Part 2]

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🍂✦ The Autumn King's tidings [Part2]

The 20th has arrived, and with it, so has the door to The Autumn King's home~ We hope to see you there. After all, you've been working so hard on a gift this whole time, right? 

"So, What have you brought?"


✦Trait updates | 🍂

AKT part 2 brings with it a variety of new Fall traits! Each of these have a chance to be rolled when you complete the prompt! (one is currently missing it's icon but you can find them all if you browse [here])

A few missing traits have also found their way onto the site, all uncommon, all tails!

  • If you have a mantibab with a mini-corkscrew tail that has no tail listed, or has a tail listed as the upgraded "corkscrew" tail but do not want that trait, please send in a claim with a link to your mantibab and you will recieve a rare trait vial to apply to that character.



The party has commenced and it's time to dance~ Familliar and strange faces can be seen in the arriving crowds of Crederians, why not lounge and make some new friends? Thank you for the wonderful participation so far, I hope you enjoy your time in the Autumn King's home, until next time~

Art & Writing: Phloxe

November Events

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🍂November Events 🍂

✦ Updates🍂

Happy Fall! Our autumn prompts have arrived and with them, a small event!

✦ The Autumn King's tidings

Crederia's mirthful Autumn King has made his arrival fashionably late, or at least that's what people would say if they dared to insult the King by insinuating he could ever be late to anything.... regardless! Autumn has arrived and with it, an invitation~ [Why don't you go and take a look?]  This will be a two prompt event, with the opportunity for bonus coins, or a bonus item!


✦autumn prompts |

Our seasonal prompts are here and due to their late arrival, will be extending all the way until December 15th! You can click on any of the titles below or go directly to the seasonal prompt page [here] Autumn prompts will additionally reward you with a raffle ticket to our current raffle the first two times you complete them on top of the normal completion rewards, so happy harvesting!

🍂Autumn Harvest: 
  • The Autumn crops are flourishing! Depict your Crederian participating in this year's harvest. Gourds, corn, wheat, and other crops are just waiting to be harvested! Give them a basket, a satchel, a cornocopia, even an overturned hat!

🍂Apple picking: 
  • Depict your crederian picking their favorite fruits! Are they strong? How many do they end up picking? Do they take too much? Careful now, those things can be wobbly.

🍂Back to school: 
  • It's time to go back to school! What kind of school does your Crederian attend? The various schoolings are open to all, and signups were a few weeks ago. Draw your crederian in a fantasy school setting on their first day back to school.





The autumn king has made his arrival and soon, there will be a party! More worldbuilding is to come, and most excitingly, I will be debuting part of the world map, so stay tuned! In the meantime, stop on by and smell the pumpkins, or corn... or... leaves? Ta ta~

Art & Writing: Phloxe