A equine/cervid looking species that is proud and powerful. Their magic is strong and manifests as a conduit mainly found on their backs. These conduits hold their magic, and when active, will flow and glow through their horns, hooves, and eyes in a display of magical prowess. They are a proud species who's ancestry took part in the war of --, where they stood strong and held fast against the enemy. 
Most kantis are a force to be reckoned with, but with the integration of the numerous species around, they've lent their strength and abilities to the world, and it's become richer for it.



Kanti have

  • Kanti, like many crederians, are able to harness the magical essence that gives life to the planet. They are embued with the ability to manifest these magicks in their day to day lives.
  • Kantis can learn to harness 1 magical alignment.  
  • Alignments can be found at the Alignment Table.
  • Alignments cannot be swapped once they've been decided, even through traded characters. 
  • Kantis can gain additional alignments through embued items, which may react to their conduits and change their appearance.
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