Odd Tokens (Odd)

Displays as: 0 Odd
Held by: Users

A curious token only spoken of in hushed voices, said to originate from the vicious curses that Calam promised to the world's inhabitants. Finding them is said to be incredibly difficult, and most warn against seeking them out, lest you change yourself in ways too horrible to speak of. A stange passerby is said to hand them to Crederians filled with pure curiosity.

You can obtain Odd Tokens by:
  • 🔹 N/A

Solune Essence

Displays as: 0 Solune Essence
Held by: Users

A special currency formed from energy drawn from the celestial bodies themselves. This fragile essence is sought after by a select few who are willing to trade rare goods to obtain it. 

This currency is granted to Users who support the site through Patreon. This currency cannot be transfered. 

✨ Coins

Displays as: 0 ✨ Coins
Held by: Users

The traditional currency found and used across Crederia. A simple golden coin that may have the official insignia of the kingdom it originates from. Coins are able to be earned by participating in any prompt, with a few having bonus opportunities. If you don't have a character to call your own or would prefer to do gift art, you can participate in spare change, monthly gift, or raffle entries to earn yourself some coins.

You can obtain Coins in various ways:
  • 🔹 5 ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coins for each prompt submission.
  • 🔹 5 or more ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coins can be earned by participating in the [monthly gift prompt]. 
  • 🔹 1 ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coin for submitting personal art to [Spare Change]
  • 🔹 2 ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coins for submitting gift art to [Spare Change]
  • 🔹 Additional ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coins can be earned as bonuses in most prompts, [Bonus Coin Page]
  • 🔹 A random amount of ayadzrn0Dr1-icon.png Coins can be earned by participating in Events and Seasonal prompts. 

💎 Magia Fragments

Displays as: 0 💎 Magia Fragments
Held by: Users

These fragments are very sought after by those who deal with the arcane and are used as the currency for special or incredibly difficult to obtain goods. You may find them scarcely but open opportunities for exciting augments for your Crederians.

You can obtain Magia Fragments in a few ways.
  • 🔹 1  yYV9Vcbme63-icon.png Magia Fragment for each character quest submission. 
  • 🔹 2 yYV9Vcbme63-icon.png Magia Fragments for each event prompt submission.
  • 🔹 You can roll extra  Magia Fragments for participating event prompts on top of the guaranteed 2 yYV9Vcbme63-icon.png
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