Character Categories

☆ Phloxe-Made (PM)

Designs made by Phloxe, the creator of Crederia and the majority of it's species.

★ Burr-Made (BM)

Designs made by Burr, co-founder of Crederia and creator of Bowroo and Tolls. 

Guest-Made (GM)

Designs made by other artists brought in as guests, credits can be found on each individual character's credits.

Myo (Myo)

Myo, or Make-your-own, is exactly that! User made characters and designs~

Account-Locked (AL)

Characters in this category were special gifts given by Phloxe, often times with NPC unique traits, very rare traits, or traits that have not been properly categorized. Designs in this listing should not be used as examples of what is capable for the species.

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