The Poffee Guild

"Welcome, -- greets you! Is this your first time? Well, let me show you around. This is the Poffee's Adventuring Guild, a place where poffees from around the world gather to start off on their journeys!"

Take a poffee puff, they symbolize the beginning of your Journey License Quests, without it, you cannot be given permission to travel on our behalf. Once you finish your quests, you'll be given your License, and your Guild Emblem. OH! I didn't explain the Guild Emblems? u-uh! 

Every Poffee belongs to a Guild, and with a Guild Emblem, the symbol bonds with you, and is displayed proudly on your forehead. With each emblem comes a different ability.


May the stars guide you!

🎁 Gifts & Rewards 🎁
Poffee Puffs
Cost: 0
Max 2 per user