MYO Design Guide

Created: 12 August 2020, 19:45:16 UTC
Last updated: 14 May 2024, 21:03:17 UTC

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You've found yourself at the MYO Design Guide, let's get started with the basics!

What is an MYO?

MYO stands for "make-your-own" and are the way to create and own your own Crederian! You can find your MYO slots [here]
MYOs are not free to make, and are available in a few different ways.

If you have an MYO Item, you'll need to turn it into a slot by opening it. This action is permanent and cannot be reversed. MYO items may be traded, but slots are account-bound!


What species are available?

While Crederia is home to many many species, there are currently five that have enough traits filled out to start making MYOs! We are working to fill in more traits in the future but if you have any questions please reach out and we'll walk you through it.

Mantibab Kanti Skullcracker Leloko Pawbird

Each species listed has a "Visual Trait Index", which will give you a look at all of the traits in one page exclusive to that species! So if you see that button under the species name be sure to click it! (Clicking the magnifying glass will take you to their individual masterlists as well)

How do i get one?
Through the ARPG
  • Shops: MYOs can be purchased directly using in-game coins at the Crystal Altar money1.gif
  • Raffles: Crederia often hosts raffles that are free to enter simply by drawing gift art for another user! These raffles may offer an MYO item as a reward from time to time, you can find them [here]
  • FTO Gift Box: For first time owners, or users who have no Crederians to their name, you may go directly to the Astrael Guild Hall and pick up a FTO Baby MYO Gift box!
    • These gift box contain a random baby MYO from the available list of species. 
    • Mantibab, Kanti, Skullcracker, Leloko, & Pawbird


Through Other means



How Do I Design My Crederian?

At the moment, there are no bases available to create your Crederian, but you will need a piece of art that can be uploaded to our masterlist to make it official! You can draw it yourself, or commission someone to draw it for you (be sure it follows our rules or it may be rejected!).

🚫‼️Hold on! We're not quite ready for this section yet, come back later and there'll be something to see!‼️🚫

If you've clicked on any of the species buttons at the top of this guide, you'll have a general idea of what the species itself looks like. Each one of Crederia's species has it's own set of features and guidelines to follow, so we'll go more in depth here.
Go ahead and click on the species you're looking to design!


🚫‼️Hold on! We're not quite ready for this section yet, come back later and there'll be something to see!‼️🚫


Uploading your myo for approval

Now that you've designed your Crederian, you'll want to click on the MYO slot you want to use, and select "Submit MYO Design" to begin the submission process!

If you'd like assistance with items, traits, or if you're unsure if your MYO breaks any rules, we encourage you to reach out in the discord! There are channels to share wips, ask questions, and get help on anything Crederia related you're having trouble with! If you'd like to stick to the site then feel free to toss a design wip through the submission process and let us know you'd like assistance, we can send it back as a draft with any notes or changes.

Hit Create Request, and fill out the form!

You'll find info on each tab letting you know what's required. Fill it out, attach any upgrade items you might need (don't worry about this if the design is fully common), and save each section so all those ❌s become 🟢s! 

Things to note: 

  • Make sure your masterlist image is a fullbody piece with color. We want to be able to see all aspects of your design, this means:
    • All traits should be clearly depicted and visible.
    • If there is hair covering your characters eyes, show a separate view of them on the side so we can see them.
    • If you stylize paws/eyes to be simple, have colors for the pawpads and claws or close ups of the eye on the side if they're not immediately visible.
    • If you have clothing or accessories on your design, you will need to have a clothed and unclothed version on the same image so we can know what the design looks like. 
    • If your design is asymmetrical consider having both sides side by side to make it easier for others to draw them.
  • Any design higher than common will most likely require upgrade items, you can find all general items over at [The Marketplace]
    • Items will only be consumed once the design is approved. If you accidentally submitted an item you didn't intend to, reach out and leave us a message if we don't catch it!
    • Trait Items will mostly be found at [The Alchemical Workshop]. Eye traits are sold at a discount at [Glamour's Beauty Parlor]
    • If items are missing or unavailable, you might be looking at limited items that are available seasonally or in small bursts during events! You can only earn certain items through raffles, event participation, or by trading with other users in the community. 
  • You are always welcome to ask for help!
    • There are a lot of species and a lot of traits! If you ever need help, please contact us! You can find the discord [here].

Now that you've gone through it, you hit submit and then it's on us to review and either send it back or approve it! We will try to get to your request within 7 days of it being submitted, if we're taking longer please feel free to reach out!

Additional Info


  • Crederians may be depicted with any manner of injury, but they look a little different depending on the species! (WIP)
    • Guides for this TBA...
    • You can freely apply scars on any part of your character
    • Tails and ears can be docked, cut, or tattered, but  should not resemble any higher rarity trait without the appropriate item. (Docked tails on species with length based tail rarities will be regarded according to length)
    • Missing eyes can be replaced with glass/wooden eyes, and should be depicted clearly. If it looks too much like another trait of higher rarity it may be rejected.
    • Missing limbs may be replaced with prosthetics! Realistic or fantasy depending on your preference! 
    • Prosthetics may be composed of polished wood, metals, or other sturdy materials. Prosthetics that resemble elemental or higher rarity traits may be rejected, as certain alignment traits will allow for elemental limb replacements!


  • You may give your Crederian any sort of (appropriate) clothing. Crederia is a high fantasy setting with magical technology!
    • You're free to play with color, texture, and material and aren't limited in how you use it as long as it is not enchanted or magical.
    • Clothing cannot be used to make a Crederian appear to have a trait it does not. (If your Crederian wears flower accessories please try to make it clear they are accessories and not growing on the body!)
    • Armor can be composed of plant or animal leathers, metals, stone, etc. Knights and other official guards granted suits by their employers will often have the kingdom or family insignia engraved on the armor in some visible way. Sometimes these insignias come in the form of medallions tacked or worn over the armor.
    • Unenchanted gemstones are welcome!
    • Officially, species may wear particular clothing or tend to be drawn to styling them a certain way, you can find information about this on their species pages! (e.g. babs often tailor sleeves to let their accents show through, kantis usually present their conduits so they cut holes out the backs of shirts.)
    • You may include official items in your Crederians outfit if you currently own them. These items must be traded with the character if it is traded with the masterlist depiction of those items.

Weapons & Utility:

  • You may design any myriad of realistic or fantasy weapons for your crederian. 
    • They can be made out of any material, color, or texture but should not be heavily enchanted or magical.
    • Simple effects like engraved words that glow along the hilt of a blade, or arrows with feathering that glows faintly would be allowed. Enchantments that cover too large a portion of a weapon will be rejected.
  • Your crederian can have utility items that are lightly enchanted.
    • Quills that write on their own, spoons that stirs your tea for you, hammerspace pouches, bag of endless pocket sand that gives you five pounds of sand every hour, or a magnifying glass that can zoom just a little more are some things that would be alright to include! 
    • Enchantments should be mostly for utility, and anything too magical may be rejected! Feel free to reach out to us on this.
    • Mechanical props should be kept small, no mechs or other mechanical mounts (mobility devices are welcome but will need to be approved). In this setting, steam-powered mechanics are becoming more widespread, so you'll find both steam-powered and magic-powered mechanical tools!