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Mantibabs are a versatile and long lived species with a rich history and knack for adventure. They hold the very soul of crederia in their magic and are able to take hold of the energy that flows through the various planes. They were born with crederia and may be one of its oldest inhabitants. Through their prosperous time on this planet Crederia has flourished in both technology and capacity to hold new life. Babs are easily identified with their striped horns and colorful velvety patches that adorn their cheeks, elbows, and ankles. They find pride in their powerful horns and use their patches in greetings and affections.

Babs are capable of crafting the simplest shelters to intricate towns and cities. Kingdoms, caravans, underwater cities, desert jewels and the like can be found with babs in tow. They can lead simple lives as farmers, or they can choose to take up the title of Knight, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Scholar, and the like. They are deeply fantasy based so let out your creativity! What does your bab do? 

Additional Species Info

  • Species | Mantibab
  • Terms | Bab (shorthand), Babling (baby babs)
  • Lifespan | A standard mantibab has a lifespan ranging from 250 - 300 years.
  • Diet | Meat, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, plant matter. They are quite adept in the culinary arts and many speak of the market squares filled with freshly baked bread.
  • Defining Features | Striped horns, cheek circles, ankle and elbow nubs.

Mantibabs are able to use simple forms of magic to manipulate objects (quills, books, spoons, pots, etc) and to apply simple enchantments to items for utility, but all Mantibabs have the capacity to grow this innate magic in their being into something stronger. The elements of magic are sorted into categories called Alignments, with each alignment named after the being that created it. Mantibabs are able to harness two Alignments, one Major, one Minor, and with these alignments can attempt to gain mastery and manifest this element upon their bodies.
  • Major | The focus of their magic, this alignment will be the one chosen for mastery, and cannot be changed once applied.
  • Minor | The secondary alignment, a minor alignment is meant to complement your major, and while a mantibab can go far in learning this secondary magic, it takes a lot of effort for it to manifest.

For a deep dive into their lore, traits, and other info you can take a look on their compendium. Below will be a brief rundown of their history, styling, and explanation of subtypes.
Mantibabs are a large and long lived species that make up the largest part of most populations within Crederia, whether that's due to just how long they live or not we can't say. These creatures are attuned to the magic of the land by birth, and are gifted with the ability to gather and manipulate this energy with ease. Most make use of this magic via small tasks like telekinesis based magic to pick up and sort objects, stirring ladels or turning the pages of a book. A small blessing to make your joins limber, your paws faster to give you an edge as you race with one another (though be careful when participating in official races, they may catch you). Mantibabs have learned the way to enchant small items as well to help with daily tasks, whether its a ladle that stirs itself or a tinderbox with flint that regrows every night. It wouldn't be so odd to find out the local baker has self rolling rolling pins.

Though Mantibabs can be seen as a prosperous species with all manner of tradition, culture, and will, there was a time long ago when Mantibabs faced peril at the hands of humans. It is said they received aid from the damned, whether these were souls of the dead or something more demonic it isn't known, and with this aid they put forward actions that shook the core of Crederia, nearly destroying the species and the magic they protected. Through the intervention of other species whose relationships with Mantibabs were just budding (and a pact or two between a few entities and their vessels) they were able to survive. It took a long time to get back on their feet, as with most civilizations came unrest among themselves and others along with a few rattling events, but after a few millennium Mantibabs gained back their civilizations and ties to the earth, entering the current years where they've flourished despite the dangers that still lurk.

The Miasma

Crederia has faced much turmoil from those outside of its boundaries, whether physical or ethereal. One such catastrophe that still plagues the land came long ago in the form of a meteor that carried with it the energy of something that was said to have been created by malice itself. The wound this created on the planet almost destroyed it and its inhabitants. Through struggle, sacrifice, and union it was kept at bay, though not removed completely, and not without repercussion. Crederians face the dangers of this meteor to this day, having caused a biome of sorts to appear whose murky fog and dangerous lands cannot be travelled by those untrained and unprotected. If you see yourself near a perfect line of blooms glittering with a magical light guarded by armored statues, you've reached the end of the line, and you should turn back.
Mantibabs come in shapes big and small, with a variety of body types bulky, slim, fat, big, and small. They range from 5' - 8' tall from the top of their head (not their horns or ears) and are covered usually in short to medium fur along their bodies with their arms strangely unable to grow anything other than very short velvety fur

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing is a large part of expressing a bab's identity with special care often taken to frame and expose their elbow or ankle nubs through special tailoring. From baggy, lose fabrics to delicately tailored suits adorned with brooches, ties, cuffs, ribbons, etc.

Accessorizing your bab is fully welcome, but please do not design clothing, weaponry, or items that closely resemble earnable items on-site if you have not earned them.

  • Clothing of most any style is able to be added to your character's masterlist entry as long as you have a non clothed version also visible. From ill fitting to fully tailored, clothing generally follows a high fantasy style with cloaks, cowls, vests, tunics, and hats of all varieties being rather common.
  • Accessories may be composed of fabrics, metals, plant-matter, stone, and other sorts of things, as well as simple gemstones. Adorning ones horns is very popular.
  • Mechanical props should be kept small, no mechs or other mechanical mounts. (mobility assistants will need to be approved but are welcome)
  • In the same vein, prosthetics are fully welcome and should be composed of polished wood, metals, or other sturdy materials. (Elemental traits will include body parts composed of said element so vine or plant arms won't be approved without the proper items) Snapped horns may have caps but babs do not generally try to replace broken or lost horns due to how much they value them.

Weapons & Armor

From sport to necessity, battle is a key part of Mantibab society. Knights that guard cities and towns to fighters who climb the ladders in official tournaments to even brawlers who participate in underground contests, the possibilities are great and with them comes your choice of garb, and weaponry. Mantibabs are adept with magic but may also know how to handle a blade (in their mouths or hands if they choose to take a more humanoid form).
  • Weaponry may be freely designed and should be kept non-magical. Generally swords for knights will have their kingdoms emblem etched into the blade.
  • Armor can be composed of plant or animal leathers, metals, stone, etc. Knights and other official guards granted suits by their employers will often have the kingdom or family insignia engraved on the armor in some visible way. Sometimes these insignias come in the form of medallions attacked or worn over the armor.
  • Mantibab Types & Forms

    Mantibabs come in various forms or "subtypes" that grant the bearer unique traits or additions. The forms below are achieved through various means, sometimes forced upon its bearer accidentally or through divine or not-so-divine intervention. 

  • Standard | Your traditional mantibab
  • Communed | Crystalline Mantibabs
  • Miasmic | Mutated Mantibabs
  • Raised | Undead Mantibabs
  • Ancient | Ancestral Mantibabs
  • Changeling | Shapeshifting or Monstrous Mantibabs

    Paths are special subtypes that can be achieved by most who put their mind to it, or by those who've gained the inkling of the bloodline from their lineage. Paths call back to the deities of old, as well as the stories passed down among Crederians as a whole.  Mantibabs may currently only have one path.

  • Fabled | Unicorn Mantibabs
  • Wrathful | Draconic Mantibabs
  • Jeweled | Mermaid & Aquatic Mantibabs
  • Feyblood | Fey & Fairy Mantibabs
  • Heraldic | Winged & Feathered Mantibabs


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