A Touch of Wickedness

A Touch of Wickedness (★ Seasonal)

Category: Coat

Evidence of having come across something wicked.  A small, dark, and cloudy mark clings to your bab. It almost looks like it's alive with the way it's edges seem to blur and crisp. 

  •  A Touch of Wickedness
    Allows you to apply a single dark wisping mark onto one part of your bab. 
    🔹This mark should look cloudy, or as though a small burn mark has started to appear on the bab, a dark bit of smoke can emanate from it.
    🔹This mark can change shape at times, and it's edges seem to shift often, though the placement stays the same.
    🔹 A bab with this mark may experience fatigue or ache where the mark rests, exacerbated by physical or magical exertion.

    ❗ The mark must be kept small and mostly connected, with a few flickers or specks surrounding. 
    ❗  The mark should stay featureless, with no patterning or speckling directly on the mark.
    ❗ Smoke emanating from the mark can be dark, or saturated with a darker base as it touches the mark.

  • On Hair: 
    🔹 A mantibab whose hair has been affected may display this trait as multiple dark points or a thick, single lock that bleeds into the natural hair color. 


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