Classic Ears

Classic Ears (★ Common)

Category: Ears
Species: Mantibab

Your classic set of bab ears.

Classic Ears K

Classic Ears K (★ Common)

Category: Ears
Species: Kanti

A solid ear of mid to long length that is velvety on the inside. Fur usually lines the base.

Classic Ears L

Classic Ears L (★ Common)

Category: Ears
Species: Leloko

A set of triangular ears that typically have 3 rings of color in the center. This style of ear is most common among Lelokos and is said to be their iconic look! 

  •  Classic:  
    🔹 These ears may be lined with fur along the edge or be fully nude. The inner rings of color should still be clearly visible.

    ❗ Fur cannot be inside the ear past the outer most ring

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