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 Skullcrackers were created by the whim of a lesser deity, who cared so much for the sky they wished it never to be tarnished, and made these small creatures to protect the skies when they would no longer be able to. Skullcrackers are a small and dainty deer-like species with wings adorning their necks. These wings allow them to effortlessly take flight as they run along the clouds. 
These dainty creatures were hidden from the land below for centuries, until the miasma appeared and began to eat away at the land, water, and sky. Unable to stand by the skullcrackers as a whole lent their help to the other inhabitants of the land to keep the miasma at bay. Since then they've slowly intergrated themselves into the towns and cities, exploring the large world that was previously unknown to them.

Their home was originally a valley in the sky, lush fields filled with flora that the sky nurtured. Slowly, after the miasma took part of the world, and as it spread, and the Skullcrackers prepared for the worst, the Miasma did not touch their little valley. Puzzled, and in awe, they realized their flowers were stopping the fumes from reaching them. The elders came together and decided that they could not let the world below suffer alone, if their flowers could be a solution to the slow corruption of the planet, they woudl not stand idle. They took to the skies and landed down below, ready to plant, to cultivate, to share what the sky had given to them,. Several, flowers adorning their bodies, dove into the miasma, hoping to push it back, and stood at the edge of the crator, flowers beautiful beacons in the dark. Because of their effort, the fields once again bloomed and the miasma was pushed back. Their help was invaluable and from then the skullcrackers have had comfortable contact with the beings below, enough that several have made their homes down here.  The lives that were lost traveling through the miasma are remembered through statues that line the border of the miasma, surrounded by the beautiful blooms that stand strong even now. 

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