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Pawbirds are an intelligent and alien species who one day suddenly arrived. Their ancient library appeared and settled one day and is said to hold all written knowledge, and most spoken knowledge. A curious species who love to travel in search of new experiences.

Pawbirds are currently incomplete, but are able to be purchased and designed!

Additional Species Info

  • Species | Pawbird
  • Terms | Pawb (shorthand)
  • Lifespan | There has been no record of a Pawbird dying. Several have disappeared but no definitive deaths.
  • Diet | Meat matter, plant matter, goo of all kinds, Pawbirds have been known to dabble in all kinds of food, and a few foods Crederians didn't know existed!.
  • Defining Features | Large Arms, rounded heads, Soul markings

Pawbirds have rounded, domed heads that come in a few varieties, feel free to play around with their shape!

Soul Sigil
Pawbirds have a special relationship to their magic, a manifestation of their very souls that manifests as a runic sigil on their chests. These sigils come in many shapes and sizes, with their manifestation happening the moment a Pawbird comes into existance. These markings share the same magical color as their eyes, which both shift to a secondary color when a Pawbird experiences extreme emotion. Sigils give off a soft glow, and depending on the Pawbird, may be warm, or cool to the touch.

Originally, Pawbirds refused to show their soul sigils, finding it exposing, and leaving them vulnerable when it was not covered. This practice has changed in the century or so that Pawbirds have existed within Crederia, with Pawbirds now finding themselves open to showing this sigil off due to the planet itself linking to their souls. Some Pawbs still follow the custom of covering up, only showing their soul sigils to their beloveds, or to family members.

Pawbirds were initially unable to harness the magic that flowed through the earth, gifted with their own innate magics of telekinesis and sparse forms of divination until one fateful day they were suddenly able to use it all with no issue. Pawbirds have since gained the capacity to grow this innate magic in their being into something stronger. The elements of magic are sorted into categories called Alignments, with each alignment named after the being that created it. Pawbirds are only able to harness one alignment naturally, and can attempt to gain mastery and manifest this element upon their bodies.

For a deep dive into their lore, traits, and other info you can take a look on their compendium. Below will be a brief rundown of their history, styling, and explanation of subtypes.

Pawbirds come in shapes big and small, with a variety of body types bulky, slim, and fat. They range from 6' - 7.5' tall from the top of their head (not their horns or ears) and may be velvety soft or fluffy.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing is commonplace amongst Pawbirds and is commonly used as a means of expressing oneself and their interests, articles of clothing often adorned with embroidery or accessories of things they find interesting.

Accessorizing your pawb is fully welcome, but please do not design clothing, weaponry, or items that closely resemble earnable items on-site if you have not earned them.

  • Clothing of most any style is able to be added to your character's masterlist entry as long as you have a non clothed version also visible. From ill fitting to fully tailored, clothing generally follows a high fantasy style with cloaks, cowls, vests, tunics, and hats of all varieties being rather common.
  • Accessories may be composed of fabrics, metals, plant-matter, stone, and other sorts of things, as well as simple gemstones. Adorning ones horns is very popular.
  • Mechanical props should be kept small, no mechs or other mechanical mounts. (mobility assistants will need to be approved but are welcome)
  • In the same vein, prosthetics are fully welcome and should be composed of polished wood, metals, or other sturdy materials. (Elemental traits will include body parts composed of said element so vine or plant arms won't be approved without the proper items) Snapped horns may have caps on them.

Weapons & Armor

  • Weaponry may be freely designed and should be kept non-magical. Generally swords for knights will have their kingdoms emblem etched into the blade.
  • Armor can be composed of plant or animal leathers, metals, stone, etc. Knights and other official guards granted suits by their employers will often have the kingdom or family insignia engraved on the armor in some visible way. Sometimes these insignias come in the form of medallions attacked or worn over the armor.
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