Vivid Coat

Vivid Coat (★ Common)

Category: Coat
Species: Mantibab

This is a core aspect of mantibabs and is mandatory for all standard forms of this species. They contain heavily saturated hues and have restrictions on pastel and light hues. Please read the rules carefully to ensure this is the species for you. 

All standard mantibabs are covered in a coat of vivid color. Vibrant hues of lightly differing values dance along their fur and shine in the sun, sharing the vibrancy of the magic that permeates Crederia itself. Their colorful coats define their species as a whole, with dull, dark, pale, or pastel coats being extremely rare and having deep significance in their lore. 

Here are some examples of existing mantibabs with vivid coats

Vivid coats must be 60% vivid hues, which gives a 40% allowance of combined saturated pastel/white hues. A vivid mantibab will never have grey, muddy, or dark colors. 


Which colors fall into vivid?

🔹 These hues are all safe to use and can be used to fill your entire coat! Mix and match between them with no issue. 

🔹 These hues should be used sparingly, and will not be accepted as a Mantibab's base coat color, but will be acceptible as markings and gradients.

What about pastels?

🔹 Pastel hues are classified within this visual range, and are able to be used in combination with whites up to 40% of your Mantibab before encroaching into rarer territory. 

How much is too much?

🔹 Vivid Mantibabs should always lean towards the colorful side, with pastels, whites, and creams used to enhance a design rather than overtake it. Making use of cutouts, underbellies, blanket markings, masks, and the like are all welcome as long as we stick to the 40% rule. Does your bab look half pastel half vivid? You will be asked to reduce some of the lighter colors.

Looking for other coat traits? Mantibabs will be able to upgrade their coats with hard-to-get items, getting rarer the further down the list you go: Pastel Halfling, Umbra Halfling, Pastel Coat, and Umbra Coat. Each of these coat types have in-game significance and will affect your Mantibab in different ways.

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