Shaped Spotting SC

Shaped Spotting SC (★ Common)

Category: Markings
Species: Skullcracker

Skullcracker coats come covered in all manner of spots and stripes. From clouds to teardrops to ticked lines, these spots are freely able to appear on any skullcracker's coat.

  •  Shaped Spotting:  
    🔹 Clouds, Paisley, Geometric, and the like all fall into this category.

    ❗ All common markings can be mixed and matched freely and there is no limit to how many and what kind you mix!
    ❗ Shapes should be relatively simple, and should not look like intricate lacing or other higher rarity markings. 
    ❗ Sun, moon, star, and other celestial shapes are not allowed under this trait.
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