Mismatched Gaze SC

Mismatched Gaze SC (★ Rare)

Category: Miscellaneous
Species: Skullcracker

A rare style of eye that is rather odd, giving its bearer a bit of an unconventional look. These eyes are usually considered to have manifested from a mismanagement of magic either due to an accident during adolescence or by pushing too many limits as an adult.

  •  Mismatched Sight:  
    🔹 Two eyes that are visibly different styles (see: standard eyes)
    🔹Eyes may be subtly or starkly different.

    ❗ Eyes must contain significant hue, and cannot be close to greyscale. 
    ❗ You may choose any common or uncommon styles to combine, and will need a separate rare trait if you would like to combine a rare eye type with anything else. 
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