<a href="" class="display-item">Escent</a>


Category: 🍂 Creders 🍂

A sleek, velvety creature with fin like ears and a penchant for water. They are alert, and calm, able to manage high stress situations relatively well.


Purchaseable At:

<a href=" Comet Shard" class="display-item">Iridescent Comet Shard</a>

Iridescent Comet Shard

Category: 🌈 MYO Items 🌈

"A colorful and shimmering horn, who left it here? It feels like you've stumbled across something great."

★ One time use. Consuming this grants you a common MYO Prima slot.

★ Avaliable via:
This ticket allows you to design and officialize a fully common Prima. Upon use the item will be consumed and you will gain an MYO Prima slot. MYO slots cannot be traded, and once the item is used to gain an MYO slot it is irreversible. 
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