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FTO Snapped Conduit

This item is for FTO users only and may be traded for other FTO MYOS.

"It looks like someone lost this along the way. Must've been a nasty battle, the magic is already seeping out of it. Oh! You should pick it up before it loses all it's power. They say a conduit will lash out if it doesn't deem you worthy, and... well... i don't want to take that kind of risk. But you do, right?"

A broken conduit lies before you, an ooze of condensed mana seeping out from the end. It is cold to the touch, almost leaving you breathless as you carefully wrap it in parchment. You feel it pulsing magic out, the cold creeping towards your chest before it stops, and you're instead filled with a gentle warmth.

Using this item allows you to design and officialize a fully common baby Kanti known as a Koal. This item is one time use and is consumed upon use. MYO slots cannot be traded, and once the item is used to gain an MYO slot it is irreversible. If you wish to trade your FTO myo item, it can only be traded to other users with FTO myos.

  •  Use:  
    🔹 This item will allow you to design a common Koal from the ground up. (Kanti species page | Visual Trait List)
    🔹 Trait vials, grimoires, and other specialty items may be applied when designing your Koal. 
    🔹 Babies often have simpler designs and smaller versions of large traits, that will display at their full size upon reaching adulthood.

    ❗ Koal, like all baby crederians, must be grown up before they can participate in events, raffles, or character quests. You can find growing up prompts here!