Wing Tufts (★ Whimsical)

Category: Buffs

A pair of fluffy wings appears on your Crederian that grant your Crederian flight where they wouldn't have it otherwise.  The origin of these small wings is currently unknown, although whenever a Crederian earns their wings there is sure to be a sparkling feather left nearby, so most assume it's a blessing from a passing deity!

    •  Wing Tufts:
      Soft fluffy wings appear directly on your Crederian's back, allowing for flight!
      🔹 Wing Tufts should be small and placed directly along the shoulder blades. 
      🔹 There may be a base color or gradient, and an underside color, to give the effect of ventral and dorsal wings. 
      🔹 A small swirl may accompany the base of the wing tuft.

      🔹The limbs that control the wing tufts are small and featureless, with simple flexibility!

      ❗ Wint tufts are fully composed of fur, and while they may take on the vague shape of a wing, there should be no feathers or feather-like likeness to them!

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