Autumn King's Tidings [Part 2]

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🍂✦ The Autumn King's tidings [Part2]

The 20th has arrived, and with it, so has the door to The Autumn King's home~ We hope to see you there. After all, you've been working so hard on a gift this whole time, right? 

"So, What have you brought?"


✦Trait updates | 🍂

AKT part 2 brings with it a variety of new Fall traits! Each of these have a chance to be rolled when you complete the prompt! (one is currently missing it's icon but you can find them all if you browse [here])

A few missing traits have also found their way onto the site, all uncommon, all tails!

  • If you have a mantibab with a mini-corkscrew tail that has no tail listed, or has a tail listed as the upgraded "corkscrew" tail but do not want that trait, please send in a claim with a link to your mantibab and you will recieve a rare trait vial to apply to that character.



The party has commenced and it's time to dance~ Familliar and strange faces can be seen in the arriving crowds of Crederians, why not lounge and make some new friends? Thank you for the wonderful participation so far, I hope you enjoy your time in the Autumn King's home, until next time~

Art & Writing: Phloxe



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