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🎃(End Of) OCtober news 🎃

✦ Updates🎃

Happy October! Halloween is right around the corner and to beat it to the punch we're here with a bunch of news! While october is leaving us by, more fall updates are to come, so lets get on with it!

✦ October raffle

A Mantibab stumbles into view, tripping over just about every obstacle in their way. Perhaps it's because their hair is covering their eyes, but they won't tell~

Additional info can be found [Here]

How to enter? 

Participate in any Autumn Prompt or Draw gift art for another user! Each prompt will earn you 1 entry into the raffle.

If drawing gift art for another user you may earn up to 2 entries max like normal. If you would like additional entries, you may participate in any Autumn Prompt for upwards of 2 additional entries.


For this raffle, each winner rolled will have their choice of reward starting from the first winner, until no prizes are left.

Deadline: December 15th, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Frightful jubilee


Additional Prizes


x1 Star Drops
x1 Coat Shift or Uncommon Trait Vial
x2 Rare Trait Vials
x1 Rare Alignment Grimoire
x1??? Unlocked if we reach 50 entries
x1??? Unlocked if we reach 100 entries


🎃 Click here to be taken to the sale page on DA! 🎃

Joyful has made their way back from wherever they go each autumn's end, and they've come back with another adopt gacha!
"A sack of clearly magical origin is dropped in front of you. It shakes and howls viciously, held together by a simple red cord. Would you like to reach a hand in? They don't bite~ Maybe you'll come out with a new friend! Is it safe? Your very special friend Joyful would never put you in any sort of danger!" 

  • Each roll is $250 via paypal
  • 2 rolls per person for the first 24 hours, after which the limitation will be lifted.
  • Each pull, upon rolling, will result in a single randomly selected design 
  • All designs have an equal chance of being pulled.
  • There are 15 designs by Phloxe, Burr, Lieu, and special guest designer Bakehebi! 
  • Designs include: 4 Mantibabs, 4 Kanti, 2 Leloko, 2 Skullcrackers, and 3 Pawbirds.
  • A Gacha Swap channel will be temporarily available in the discord for those who would like to swap their designs!

  • Mantibabs, Kanti, Skullcracker, Leloko, and Pawbirds have revealed all their common traits, which should be available  through their individual visual trait indexes. Just follow these steps for the species you want to browse through and you'll find 'em! (note: most traits will also have a written description if you click on them with additional information and rules, so be sure to click through and see what they're all about!) Additional info, traits, updates to existing traits, and more will be rolling out through fall, but for now! enjoy!


  • An incomplete amount of new and old uncommon and rare traits are available for certain traits across the available five species, with more to be uploaded these upcoming next months. Here are a few of them!



The Astrael Guild Hall has opened it's doors once more to the public, known simply as the meeting point for all adventurers new and experienced. They take pride in the care they offer, whether medical or clerical. They are organized and prepared for any rambunctious group that decides they're ready for Adventure! They're still recovering from a terrible ordeal where some newbies got into the artifact room and blew up more than a few sections of the guild hall, unleashing an untold evil that we really hope won't come back to bite us in the butt........ ahem. Enough of that,  our lost records and innumerable losses aside, we're dedicated to staying open so you're not left out in the cold! If this is your first time experiencing any of this please be sure to pick up your gift box! It'll have a little something to get you started around here.

  • The FTO Baby MYO Gift Box has arrived! If you do not own a crederian be sure to pick this up! It will contain ONE RANDOM BABY MYO that will be rolled upon opening the box! Only one is available per FTO account and cannot be gifted, traded, or sold! 
  • Upon recieving your MYO, be sure to head on over to the species tab to look through your available choices: Mantibab, Kanti, Skullcracker, Leloko, and Pawbird.
  • If you have any questions about building your MYO, please make your way here, or send a message in the discord!
✦New items! |

Mostly editing items gaining their shiny new appearances, with a special bottle of star drops teetering on the end of the shelf! Click through for additional info.



The editing guide (Glamour's Salon)  has been updated and made available, detailing the specific rules and allowances for all Crederian species with additional specifics for the Mantibab species. The rest of the available species follow the same general rules, but do not have the same color rules that Mantibabs do. Additions will be made to the guide in the upcoming months, but it gives a run down of the editing items in Prie's Goods and what they do when applied.


✦ Final words

This year did not bring a series of large individual adopts, but that's what next year is for! I hope you enjoy the gacha and it's goodies, and have a wonderful Halloween here in a few days. As always, I'm excited for what the future brings, and for now I hope these goodies are sweet enough to keep you from playing  too many tricks! 🎃🎃🎃 (time. to rest. my hands.)

Art & Writing: Phloxe
Additional Writing: Burr



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