February 2024

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❤️Season of.. Love? ❤️

✦ Updates❤️

Hello! This update is a bit short, we're still trucking along and taking it easy this month, but I couldn't leave you without a new raffle! This month we have new traits to share as well, something lovely and themed for the month. ❤️

✦ Feb raffle

A stylish creature briskly makes their way down the cobblestone streets. Their vibrant coat and carefully styled locks catches the sun just right, enough to dazzle the few others sharing their road. February brings in pink! 

How to enter? 

Participate in the Raffle prompt! Like all our raffles you may earn 2 tickets max. You can find the prompt [Here]

Deadline: March 3rd, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Faltering Love Potion


Additional Prizes


x2  Valentine Trait of your choice!
x1 Rare trait vial


The air is crisp and cool, Crederians can be found quietly going among their business in perparation for the spring festivities to come. Amidst the calm of the town, hushed bashful whispers can be heard from passing Crederian's. The season of love is upon us, and many look forward to spending it with their beloveds. A few new and old traits have made their way here! You may recognize some of these from existing valentine designs, but we welcome in several new ones as well! If you're interested in snagging one make your way over to this month's raffle!


✦ Final words

Happy to have most of the valentine traits out and ready! They were a bit of a doozy and some extra examples will find their way in there soon! They'll find their way into a shop sometime this year, it may be out of season but we're still neck deep in filling in missing pages! 

Art & Writing: Phloxe



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