Winter Greetings

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❄️Winter Greetings ❄️

✦ Updates❄️

Happy Winter! The holidays are coming to an end and Crederia has fallen into a calm slumber. We're taking a break and preparing for our next event in the spring in order to catch up with updating missing pages, artwork, descriptions, and the like. Here's to a new year chock full of great opportunities!

✦ The King's Farewell

The Autumn King has had his fill of attention, awe, fear, and all around entertainment, and has decided it's about time he take his leave. It's not because a certain winter being has demanded he stop keeping Crederia in Autumn when winter was due a month ago. It's no matter, there is always next year to open his doors once agian to the public. He knows you had a wonderful time because he had a wonderful time. Who wouldn't be happy to come back next year and deliver even more gifts to him? 

As you exit his home, a few scenarios are possible. Some are dropped out of the red door seemingly moments after they'd left, a hot cup of tea left behind just barely beginning to cool. Others have paradoxically been dropped up to a week in the past and should be sure not to engage their time doubles, but otherwise are left to enjoy their week as it would have been without the Autumn King's invitation.  The unluckiest few may have walked out of those doors, no matter if they walked out with a friend or partner, and found themselves stepping into an empty snowscape. A month has come and gone, and now some are having to explain to loved ones that no they weren't exactly taken against their will...

That is where we find ourselves now. Noel has arrived and partaken in the feast... or should I say feasts! Celebrations were had in each town and kingdom as they began their yearly journey bringing good fortune and hand crafted toys to all the young crederians (and many of the older ones too). 

It seemed to have passed faster than anyone thought possible, and the more brazen Crederians blamed The Autumn King for dragging his paws before ending the fall season (though no one dared utter it out loud). Noel bid farewell while all of Crederia slept, reciting an old story that was carried on the wind and into the dreams of many. 

"We begin our tale with a Prince(ss) who fell in love with a star in the sky...
"...spent years speaking loving words to the twinkling creature, reciting poetry, reading books, playing music, anything that would reach their ears...
"The illness came quick, and there was very little any of the Monarch's medics or magicians could do for the poor Prince(ss).
"...and as they laid in that dark room they uttered one final plea, 'My dying to see you one more time...' and you would not believe how powerful the magic in that one wish was. The star began to fall, faster and faster to reach their beloved's bedside before it was too late... 
"And as the star gazed upon the Prince(ss) whose coat was growing darker by the second, they begged whatever deity granted them life to take it back and give it to their love instead.
"Ah, do not fret, this is not a tragic tale. The deity was moved by the pleas of both babs, and did as they were asked. They wrenched the star's near immortal life and split it in two. The Prince(ss) lived once more, although their coat retained the dark fur that nearly overtook them. Even now, if you walk through the woods on a calm snowy evening, you can hear laughter from the two individuals who were granted eternal love."

A soft story of a mantibab who fell in love with a star. A star who loved in return and through this mutual desire managed to turn corporeal, and then... mortal.

Noel loves to tell tales, and for all we know these mantibabs never existed as they say they did. Who's to say? You are, actually. The flavor text above can be just that! 
[Click here to be taken to the auction!]

✦ Winter raffle

A small, fluffy leloko trudges out from a puff of snow that's fallen on it. Unlike it's fellow Lelokos who have begun their hibernation, this one is particularly suited to the winter climate, comfortable and warm as they spend their days as normally as any other crederian.

How to enter? 

Participate in the Raffle prompt! Like all our raffles you may earn 2 tickets max. You can find the prompt [Here]

Deadline: January  31st, 11:59pm PST
Crederian | Under the MISTLETOE


Additional Prizes

x1 Winter Trait of your choice
x2 Rare Trait Vial

If we reach 50 participants another winter trait of choice will be added!


Winter has blanketed crederia and delivered a few special traits thanks to the pair of mantibabs above~ Magical winter blooms, velvet covered antlers, and twinkling winter stars are here. More traits are sure to follow. If you're interested in snagging one be sure to take part in January's raffle!




✦ Final words

November and December have been incredibly exciting, I missed much of the latter due to being incredibly sick, but we are back and raring to make spring a fun event! Thank you to all who gifted the king, and who participarted in the bounty of autumn with us. We hope it was fun getting snippets of the world! More is soon to come as soon as some final prep is done!

Art & Writing: Phloxe
Additional Writing: Burr



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