November Events

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🍂November Events 🍂

✦ Updates🍂

Happy Fall! Our autumn prompts have arrived and with them, a small event!

✦ The Autumn King's tidings

Crederia's mirthful Autumn King has made his arrival fashionably late, or at least that's what people would say if they dared to insult the King by insinuating he could ever be late to anything.... regardless! Autumn has arrived and with it, an invitation~ [Why don't you go and take a look?]  This will be a two prompt event, with the opportunity for bonus coins, or a bonus item!


✦autumn prompts |

Our seasonal prompts are here and due to their late arrival, will be extending all the way until December 15th! You can click on any of the titles below or go directly to the seasonal prompt page [here] Autumn prompts will additionally reward you with a raffle ticket to our current raffle the first two times you complete them on top of the normal completion rewards, so happy harvesting!

🍂Autumn Harvest: 
  • The Autumn crops are flourishing! Depict your Crederian participating in this year's harvest. Gourds, corn, wheat, and other crops are just waiting to be harvested! Give them a basket, a satchel, a cornocopia, even an overturned hat!

🍂Apple picking: 
  • Depict your crederian picking their favorite fruits! Are they strong? How many do they end up picking? Do they take too much? Careful now, those things can be wobbly.

🍂Back to school: 
  • It's time to go back to school! What kind of school does your Crederian attend? The various schoolings are open to all, and signups were a few weeks ago. Draw your crederian in a fantasy school setting on their first day back to school.





The autumn king has made his arrival and soon, there will be a party! More worldbuilding is to come, and most excitingly, I will be debuting part of the world map, so stay tuned! In the meantime, stop on by and smell the pumpkins, or corn... or... leaves? Ta ta~

Art & Writing: Phloxe



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