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🌼April news 🌼

✦ Updates 

February brings us closer than ever to the official launch, or at least fully stocked launch! Prompts are open to peruse and participate in and  you all blew me away with the raffle participation! I hope you're excited to know that we have another friend coyly making their appearance this month!
  • Thank you so much to Vaitael for uploading all Kantis, Skullcrackers, Lelokos, and Pawbirds to the site! You can click on any species here if you wanna take a look!
  • All common - rare Kanti traits have been uploaded for your viewing pleasure, and includes a few new traits that those over in the discord got to see accounced earlier last month!
  • Skullcracker traits have begun their organization but those are being halted to focus on mantibabs a bit more for the time being

✦ Current to do 

As we head into April, there will be a bit of a mad dash to finish a few things for the site as our household prepares for a large move early may, that means certain features like the redesign-check-in and design updates may be a little late depending on the time constraints. 

A few specifics we are working towards:

  • Mantibab specific updates (seasonal traits, coat traits, subtype defining)
  • Site header, shop images, item art
  • Coin reward restructuring

An april batch of crederians is on the horizon as well! A few spring sales before we're swept up in the hustle and bustle of the move. The batch will feature Mantibabs, Skullcrackers, and Lelokos~


✦ Final words

I hope to bring exciting things once our move is finalized, crossing state lines is exciting and being able to give this site more time and energy is going to be my biggest goal! Thank you all for continuing on with me!



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