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💘 Happy Valentines & february news 💘

✦ Updates 

February brings us closer than ever to the official launch, or at least fully stocked launch! Prompts are open to peruse and participate in and  you all blew me away with the raffle participation! I hope you're excited to know that we have another friend coyly making their appearance this month!
  • Our lovely mod Lieu has transferred member bank amounts from deviantart to their Crederia accounts! If you've been missed or have only recently made an account and have an existing bank amount on da please submit a claim or post in the #help channel over on the discord!
  • Background has been recovered, polished, and re-added!
  • Several traits have been added to the site, including the Pastel CoatUmbra Coat, Pastel Hafling, and Umbra halfling traits.
  • Newly defined Gilded traits have been added to the whimsical pool along with the classic Wing Tufts that have appeared a few times! 

✦ Current to do 

As February hits the mid point, we are attempting to fill the last bits to really present this site as being more polished. We've had a few sales, a welcoming raffle, and soon I hope to have most of the missing images applied onto the items and traits that require them!

A few specifics we are working towards:

  • Finish item art for visible stores
  • Polish and upload header
  • Give images to coat and whimsical traits
  • Upload seasonal traits for spring - summer (with images)
  • Apply rarity updates and traits to babs that are still missing them 
  • Upload kanti and skullcracker masterlists.


✦ Final words

Thank you for the pariticipation and love you've shown to these species! I know it's a love filled day today and I'm really feeling it! I hope you continue to enjoy what I've had prepared for you and I'm striving to polish up all the rough edges as fast as i can. Onto spring and the delightful things it brings~


💘 February Raffle 💘

✦ Lovestruck!

February also brings the debut of an older bab who has come out just in time for the lovely season! This raffle, like the last, is a draw-to-enter raffle that will require you to draw a small gift for another member of Crederia~ 

Deadline: March 16th, 11:59 PST
Max 2 entries per user
Additional info can be found [Here]

Crederian to be raffled

Mantibab - 774

Additional Prizes to be rolled

Rare Light Gaze Eye trait
Rare Meow Ear trait
Sweetheart Wing Trait (skullcracker only)



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AHHH so cutteee! <3

2023-02-21 13:56:54

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:D fun!!

2023-02-15 13:01:15

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