🌼 March 2024 Raffle 🌼

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✦🌼 March Raffle 🌼

As the Lelokos wake up from their hibernation, none are quite prepared to welcome this early riser. Leloko-043 has beat everyone to the punch and is in search of some food (and a new home)! March's Raffle brings back another old Leloko who's been given a refresh!

How to enter? 

Draw any fullbody piece of gift art for another user! [You can enter here!]

Deadline: April 3rd, 11:59pm PST
CREDERIAN | Leloko-043
Additional Prizes

x1 Bottle of Carahoria Juice
x1 Honey Jelly Egg Bite
x1 Rare Trait Vial



Art & Writing: Phloxe



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