Welcome & December Raffle

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Welcome to Crederia!

Hello and welcome to the humble beginnings of the Crederia ARPG! Though there is still much to do, things have been set in motion and we're almost ready to officially open!  I warmly welcome any and all who've chosen to come along for the ride, so from me to you: Thank You!

Projected opening date: Early to mid January


A modest amount of general prompts from character building to fun challenges have been added. Prompt submissions can now be accessed by admins and current known bugs have been fixed. You can access prompts at this link. 
currently active: 

  • Seasonal
  • General Prompts
  • Growing Up
  • Character Quests
  • Spare Change

Winter specific prompts are still being added but for the time being if you participate in the ones available you'll have the chance to earn a few extra coins thanks to the winter bonus! 

Prompts may be entered with any crederian species, we just require a link to said characters official masterlist entry on Phloxetique (If participating with a mantibab you must include the on-site character!)

Additionally, current Mantibab masterlist is not fully up to date on it's trait listings. Some traits need to be added to the site as well as most coat rarities (umbra, blessed) not being applied to the babs that require them. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us in the discord!

That's all from me in the meantime. Happy adventuring!


December Raffle

♦ Prehistoric Prowler


As a gift to the Crederia site, our lovely mod Vaitael has found this wild creature prowling about! A special holiday raffle with more than a few goodies available courtesy of Noelle~

Deadline: January 30th, 11:59 PST
Max 2 entries per user
Additional info can be found [Here]
Hope you enjoy!

Crederian to be raffled

Prehistoric Prowler
Mantibab - 769

Additional Prizes to be rolled

Common MYO Crederian
x2 Rare Trait Vials
x3 Uncommon Trait Vials
x2 20  Coin Bundles



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