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Last updated: 6 June 2024, 01:21:05 UTC

General Rules

Any rules found here apply to any space where the Crederia arpg takes place, whether that be on site, in the Crederia Discord, or within the Deviantart group. Please be sure to read it over and abide by them when in this space, we hope to make this a fun and friendly experience for all! Please ensure that if you are joining this site that you acknowledge you are 16 years of age or older.
 Before we get started, please be aware that we have a terms of service that is agreed to when joining the site. This page will give you a basic rundown of site etiquette but you are responsible for knowing the content in our T.O.S 
Treat your fellow members with respect
  • we want to have a fun and friendly atmosphere within the group, any rulebreaking will be met with warning or may result in a ban depending on the severity of the offense.
  • We do not want to inhibit the enjoyment of others and ask that you please keep these rules in mind when participating,
A warning or ban may be given for the following content:
  • Harassing others for their characters or items. 
  • Bullying or mean spirited remarks towards other users.
  • Knowingly using harmful terms or imagery to upset others. Be aware that not everyone may be comfortable with the same things.
  • Using any form of hate speech, including racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, or transphobic remarks in or out of the group.
  • Known for or currently attempting to scam other users, including selling designs far higher than their price points or selling characters you do not own to unsuspecting users, as well as being known for chargebacks en masse.
  • Attempting to include graphic or adult content in your submissions to the site.
  • Breaking any of the rules on site or going against the Terms of Service.
Each user may only have 1 account.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in an immediate ban. In the event of a ban, the banned user cannot create or use another account. If there was a mistake a ban may be appealed. 
  • Accounts must be tied to existing deviantart or toyhouse accounts. If you have neither, please reach out to a moderator and give notice that you will be using a new/empty account so you're not flagged as a suspicious account.


Character/ownership Rules


Owning a Crederia character means that you hold partial rights to that specific character design. You do not hold ownership over the associated species and you do not hold full rights over the character design, even if you designed it.

 Before we get started, please be aware that we have a terms of service that is agreed to when joining the site as well. This page will give you a basic rundown of site etiquette.  
Character Rules
  • You may name and develop your crederian's backstory in line with our content guidelines and t.o.s.
  • Owners may make edits to their Crederians within the [design editing guidelines]
  • Approved edits may be made to official Phloxebutt artwork with permission. Please ask before submitting an edited Phloxebutt artwork to the masterlist.
    • Edits can be made to official Phloxebutt artwork at any time to show desired edits via the discord #design-check-in channel.
  • You may create "AU" forms for your Crederian.(Alternate universe, or unofficial version of the design)
    • Human, Humanoid, and Anthropomorphic depictions of your Crederian may be used in the ARPG. Canonical forms for these versions will exist in the future but as long as we can recognize your Crederian's design, it will be welcome. 
    • AU forms depicting traits/species not earned on site will not be able to be used in the ARPG. 
    • You may create AU versions of your Crederian as species from other ARPGs if you have the myo slots/express permission from the species owner
      • Designs that are AU versions of each other may not be separated through trade or sale. If you have multiple forms that are recognizable you must trade or sell them all together.
      • Alternate species forms of non-Crederian species cannot be used in the Crederia ARPG
  • By owning a Crederian, you agree to not do the following:
    • Claiming any artwork or designs as your creation if they were not created by you, or otherwise miss-crediting a design or piece of artwork.
    • Create copies or reproductions of the design or its likeness to be transferred to other users.
    • Use the character design for commercial purposes.
    • Mass producing any type of merchandise depicting the character design, reproductions of the character design, or artwork of the character design.
    • Using a character design for commercial purposes that are not specifically allowed by this terms of service. If you are unsure if use of a character is considered commercial, please contact staff.
    • Use the character design in any way that could be harmful, offensive, obscene, defamatory, or unlawful.
  • Crederia does not support co-owning, and only a single user will be listed as a designs owner.
Trade/Resale Rules
  • You may trade a design to another user in exchange for character designs, in-game items, or artwork.
    • You may additionally trade characters for items/currency from other ARPGs at your own discretion.
  • You may not impose additional rules or restrictions on character sales or trades past what the Crederia website has done. 
  • Characters labelled "can be resold" may be resold for the amount they were purchased for. Additional cost may be added if the design comes with commissioned work/physical merch. The cost should equal the total of commissioned work + Original design cost.
  • You may not add additional cost to a design you drew art for.
  • Characters may be "Vouchered" (inderectly sold) in exchange for a character design or art commission that meets the initial value of said design.
    • For example, you may ask for someone to purchase an art commission or character design for you. 
    • You may not voucher a design for money, gift cards, or any real life goods or services outside of the above two options. 
  • All methods of resale must be submitted through the on-site trade function with clear mention of what is being traded. Characters wrongfully traded, vouchered, or sold will not have their ownership changed. Please pay careful attention to character allowances on their pages and never send money before verifying the validity of the sale.
  • Account-locked characters may not be vouchered, traded, sold, or gifted at any time. 
  • By owning a Crederian, you agree to not do the following:
    • Attempt to sell a character design for real life currency to anyone under the age of 16
    • Attempt to sell or transfer a character design to multiple different users at one time.
    • Attempt to voucher (indirectly sell) a character design that you did not purchase yourself for money, real world items, gift cards, or anything outside of the allowed vouchering terms below.
    • Trade or exchange a character to another user if it is not able to be traded.
FTO Accounts
  • FTO accounts are able to request an FTO MYO (make-your-own) gift box via the Crederia discord after they've verified their accounts by attaching a valid deviantart or toyhouse accounts. 
  • FTO (first time owner) labels appear on every new account made. If you own a Crederian and are labeled as an FTO, please check the staff account to see if your Crederians are being held there.
    • Users who do not own Crederians upon account creation are eligable for the FTO MYO Box.
    • If you own a Crederian and choose to pick up the FTO MYO Box before getting the character transferred to you, the item or MYO slot will be immediately deleted and you will be given a warning. 
    • Users eligable for the Legacy Gift Box who pick up the FTO MYO Box before getting their characters transferred over will lose the Item or MYO slot and the eligibility.
    • Users eligable for both the FTO MYO Gift Box and the Legacy box will recieve the Legacy box over the gift box, regardless of whether the item was already picked up. The FTO Gift Box will be removed.
  • Each FTO account may only have one FTO MYO. 
  • FTO  MYOS may only be swapped for other FTO MYOS from other users. They may not be sold or gifted.
Claiming characters from the Staff account.
  • When claiming a character from the staff account , proof of purchase or trade will be required to have them transferred to your account. 
  • Having your verified account (Deviantart or Toyhouse) match the archived DA Masterlist will have us instantly transfer them upon claiming if they are not automatically transferred to you.
    • If the DA masterlist account name is different from your current due to a name upgrade on the same account, a manual update will be required but please feel free to ask us to change it.


Prompt Rules

All work submitted must be your own*
  • Artwork and written works for prompts must be created by the user. 
  • *Commissioned work may be submitted to Spare Change.
  • If the artist/author does not have a Crederia account. Please include your character and the artists' social media. If the artist has an account make sure you have permission to post as each of you is awarded money1.gif 1 Coin  for being a commissioned piece. 
  • Commissioned work may only be submitted to spare change or, for artwork, be used as your masterlist entry image. All game centric work must be new work created by you.
  • Each month a piece may be submitted to the Monthly Special prompt, a gift prompt that is capable of earning bonus coins like a traditional prompt. Commissioned work is allowed to be submitted by the artist/author if they have a Crederia account.
  • Do not trace or copy another users artwork or designs, and by extension, do not plagarize another users written works.
All art submissions may only be submitted once.
  • Each piece of art can only be submitted once to the site and cannot be used to complete multiple prompts.
  • Any art submissions that do not fall into a specific prompt category may be submitted to Spare Change or the Monthly Special prompts
  • At this time, we do not accept collaborative works. This is subject to change in the future.


Submission Content guidelines

Crederia is a 16+ world, and makes use of fantasy violence, mild gore, mild blood, mild suggestive themes, dark themes, and infrequent use of strong language.

If anyone sees these rules being broken, please message a mod or let us know in the discord. We know mistakes happen, and will take each report with that in mind, we do not want to unfairly punish users for unintentionally breaking rules.
Explicit adult content may not be submitted
  • This includes topics of exlicit "NSFW" content, uncluding but not limited to:
  • Content List
    • Graphic depictions or discussions of sex, pornagraphy, or erotic content.
    • Graphic depictions or discussions of violence and gore
    • Discussion of heavy themes, including but not limited to heavy drugs, sexual violence, or abuse
  • Fantasy dark subjects are allowed but avoid real-world or graphic depictions of this content.
  • Highly suggestive content will be declined at moderator discretion.
Horror/Gore is allowed when depicted mildly
  • Crederia makes use of fantasy gore and horror: exposed bones, blood, and injury on reanimated creatures (zombies, vampires, etc) and content in this realm is welcome when depicted mildly.
  • Heavy gore, injury, and viscera is not allowed.
  • Heavy scarring is allowed. 
  • Acts of violence should be kept mild or suggestive when depicted in artwork.