Created: 12 August 2020, 19:54:28 UTC
Last updated: 26 February 2022, 10:24:03 UTC


Prompt/Event Rules

Any rules found here apply to any space where the Crederia arpg takes place, whether that be on site, in the Crederia Discord, or within the Deviantart group. Please be sure to read it over and abide by them when in this space, we hope to make this a fun and friendly experience for all! Please ensure that if you are joining this site that you acknowledge you are 16 years of age or older.

  • All artwork submitted by you must be your own work*
    • If you have commissioned a piece of artwork, and that user is not a member of crederia, you may submit with the name of the artist and subsequent information (Link to your character, timestamp of purchase, etc) to claim coins in Spare Change.
    • Commissioned artwork may only be submitted to spare change or be used as your masterlist entry image. All game centric artwork must be new work drawn by you.
    • Do not trace or copy another users artwork or designs, and by extension, do not plagarize another users written works.
  • All art submissions may only be submitted once. 
    • This includes attempts at completing multiple prompts. A single artwork can not be submitted to multiple prompts.
  • You may only claim characters you have purchased or earned through other means.
    • Do not attempt to claim other users characters as your own.
  • Your prompt, event, and contest entries may not contain work that is adult in nature, although light horror themes are allowed.
    • Some characters may have some body horror-ey themes and while we don't want to get too greusome, it is past what would count as pg-13.
    • While we have these rules for the site, you are more than welcome to create any sort of story for your crederians, we just ask that you not submit any art or literature that would go against the rules of the site.


General Etiquette and code of conduct

Please treat your fellow members with respect, we want to have a fun and friendly atmosphere within the group, any rulebreaking will be met with warning or may result in a ban depending on the severity of the offense. We do not want to inhibit the enjoyment of others and ask that you please keep these rules in mind when participating, thank you. 

  • Always be respectful to others. While we are only human, there will be warnings and/or bans given out for the following content:
    • Harassing others for their characters or items. 
    • Bullying or mean spirited remarks towards other users.
    • Knowingly using harmful terms or imagery to upset others. Be aware that not everyone may be comfortable with the same things.
    • Using any form of hate speech, including racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, or transphobic remarks in or out of the group.
    • Known for or currently attempting to scam other users, including selling designs far higher than their price points or selling characters you do not own to unsuspecting users, as well as being known for chargebacks en masse.
    • Attempting to include graphic or adult content in your submissions to the site.
    • Breaking any of the rules on site or going against the Terms of Service.

If anyone sees these rules being broken, please message a mod or let us know in the discord. We know mistakes happen, and will take each report with that in mind, we do not want to unfairly punish users for unintentionally breaking rules.


NSFW Content Guildelines
    • Heavily adult/horror content should not be submitted, this includes: (NSFW warning)
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  • Graphic depictions or discussions of sex, pornagraphy, or erotic content.
  • Graphic depictions or discussions of violence and gore
  • Discussion of heavy themes, including but not limited to heavy drugs, sexual violence, or abuse


    • You may include general romance in  your works! Keeping content vague when going near any adult themes is key.
    • The same goes for fantasy violence and light gore, there are characters with exposed bones and organs from time to time.