[Event Prompt] Foraging for Treasure

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[Event Prompt] Foraging for Treasure
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In Seasonal Prompts ・ By Avo

Kez and Seren make a date out of foraging mountain berries for a pie fit for the Autumn King. Stuffing pouches with only the ripest fruit, they laugh and enjoy the brisk air. Up the hill, they stumble upon a twisted tree starting to get overtaken by what looks to be opalescent raw gemstones the color of sunset. Oz, Kez's Quetz companion, swirls around a branch with a yip! A single leaf remains, but it's turned crystaline! What a perfect find to present to the royal bab as a pendant.

Submitted By Avo for 🍂 Event: The Autumn King's Tidings | [Part 1]View Favorites
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