Standard Eyes

Standard Eyes (★ Common)

Species: Mantibab

The standard set of eyes. Can be deep pupil or Pale pupil, and can have an extra iris around the center. The pupil should always be darker than the surrounding iris

Below you can see the types of common eyes and the allowed styling o fthem. Standard eyes do not need to be applied as a trait on the masterlist.

Standard Eyes K

Standard Eyes K (★ Common)

Species: Kanti

The standard set of eyes for Kanti. They come in a few styles but should always match the main conduit color unless you have the mismatched conduit modifier applied to your character.

Standard Eyes consist of:

  • A circular or oblong pupil, similar to a goat.
  • A pupil darker than the iris. (can be just a bit dark or very dark compared to the iris)
  • No rings or embellishments in the iris or pupil.

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