Fawn Horns

Fawn Horns (★ Uncommon)

Category: ★ Horns
Species: Mantibab

A pair of two pronged horns where one side is longer than the other. Ending in bulbs, these horns give a softer appearance to their bearer.

Fawn Horns SC

Fawn Horns SC (★ Uncommon)

Category: ★ Horns
Species: Skullcracker

A set of horns that curl softly forward and end in two rounded prongs in the shape of tiny antlers. The smallest of the deer-horn trio.

  •  Fawn:  
    🔹 These horns should point upwards, and their second prong should be anywhere on the back/top side of the horn.

    ❗ Only 1 extra prong is allowed per uncommon horns.


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