Accent Color Shift Spell

Category: 🌈 Modifications 🌈

Change the hue of your Crederian's accent color(s)! This applies to hue only and, to an extent, saturation or brightness, so please do not make an accent color significantly lighter or darker! Please note accent colors may mean different things depending on species; Mantibabs: Horns, cheeks, nubs, paw pads, tongue; Kantis: Conduit color; Skullcrackers: Hard patches, wings, paw pads, horns; Lelokos: Inner ear, paw pads, nubs, nose, mouth, inside of flower; Ferragons: Magic patch, orb... just ask!; Tolls and Bowroo: Minor edits are free as long as they are first approved by burrdog ! You may choose some or all of the accent colors to shift (excepting Kantis!), but partial-accent shifts must shift to the same new color or remain close to the original color.


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