Starglow's Creder Shop


Hey there, hi, welcome! You can call me Starglow!
I'm a little late with the shop restock, sorry about that, but we're all ready for you now! Well, come in, come in, but watch your step, please! The li'l rascals like to run underfoot sometimes! Don't tell me, don't tell me, you lookin' for a Creder to call your own? Well! If this is your first time here, let me give you a quick run-down!

"Creders" (I pronounce it CREE-ders) is what we call these funny little critters that you can sometimes find roaming around Crederia! They come in all different shapes and sizes, and they're really pretty smart! Recently we learned that it's possible for a Creder to bond with a Crederian, and when that happens you can almost always find the Creder at that Crederian's side, traveling with them and just, you know, keeping them company! What's more peculiar is that when a Creder bonds with a Crederian, the Creder starts to take on some of that Crederian's colors! They always say that folks and their pets start to look alike, and with Creders it couldn't be more true. Most of 'em like to be helpful, and you can ask them to help you out with simple tasks! Try not to overwork them, though, and treat them with respect! Once they're bonded with you, they become your responsibility!



We have a little something to make the bonding process easier, too! We call 'em Pendants. Most of them look just like this, but special Creders like those around during the holidays sometimes get Pendants that look a little different. They're magical, and all I need is a little something from you to get the magic to work-- could be a hair, could be an item you fancy, whatever! It just has to be yours, and then we can feed it to the Pendant and the Creder assigned to that Pendant becomes yours! The Pendants are a safe place for your Creder to rest when it gets too tired or overwhelmed or even if something just gives them a fright! I keep them on strings because it's easiest to wear them, but as long as you carry them on your person it'll be just fine. They're really hard to break, but please be careful with them all the same-- I don't know what would happen if a Pendant were to break after it held a bond.

I'm sure you're just itching to see what I have in stock right now, but hang tight, there's just a bit more!


There's a few requirements to meet before I can let you adopt a Creder...


  • 1. You must be a member of Crederia!
    2. You must have a registered Crederian you intend to give your Creder to.
    Note: When you purchase a Creder, you should update its designated Crederian's registry sheet to reflect as much! You should place the Creder in the Bonus Box, and you should place the Pendant in the Inventory!
    3. Only one Creder per Crederian!
    (Can't have you running around with a whole gaggle to yourself!)
    4. Once you have your Creder and Pendant, you should paste them on your registry sheet;
    The Creder goes in the Bonus section! The Pendant goes in your inventory!
    5. When you purchase a Creder, you can design it yourself or you can ask us to do it for you!
    Either way, your Creder's design will be placed by us on one the base for it you can see here!
    6. If you opt to design the Creder yourself, remember:
    A Creder must share at least one color with its Crederian! The rest is up to you!
    A Creder can look very similar to its Crederian, or it can be wildly different; as long as they share a color!
    7. Now... it breaks my heart to think about this, but if somethin' happens and you decide you no longer want your Creder, I'll buy 'em back from you. I can only offer 5 coins for buybacks, but that's your only option. Creders are non-transferrable. The magic doesn't work that way!

    Alright, enough of that. Now for the fun part!

🍂 Creders 🍂
Cost: 20
Stock: 5
Cost: 15
Stock: 10
Cost: 15
Stock: 10
Cost: 20
Stock: 5
Cost: 15
Stock: 10
Cost: 15
Stock: 10